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A new generation of sports predictions based on play-by-play simulations. Predict the outcome of any statistic for any future sporting event.

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BAKER NFL Predictions

Accurate & Always Current

Predictions for every game, team and player

Our play-by-play simulations create predictions for all game participants.

Full Range of Outcomes

Get averages, probabilties and histograms from the full range of 10,000 simulations.

Updated Continuously

The simulations are re-run within minutes of breaking news for injury and depth chart changes.

Correlations Between All Players

Our play-by-play simulations automatically account for all correlations between players.

Every Stat Imaginable

Important but difficult to project stats are included such as first touchdown scorer, longest catch and first downs.

Median & Percentile Projections

Get the median projections and floor/ceiling projections for every team and player with our percentile-based results.

Query Anything

Our API lets you query any stat for any player at the game, half, or quarter level including "what-if" scenarios.

Best Bets

Projections are automatically compared to thousands of live betting odds to calculate the most profitable ones.

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